About Paula

Paula is a cleverly creative, smashingly simplistic, fabulously fun-loving, stunningly sacchariferous, and langorously lovely young woman seeking to connect and commiserate with others in the global community as life is pondered.

Her unique style has afforded her the ability to hone technical IT skills and business acumen by day, in preparation for an eventual transition into a life of some type of service (ministry, non-profit, NGO??) by facilitating the communication of the organization’s message through electronic media and technology. Best described as casually intellectual, she is a workhorse searching for the opportunity where my cross-discipline knowledge, skills and abilities can be used for higher purpose!

Until such time as that opportunity is found, she wants to share stories with her electronic friends about the special way that God uses the world around her to teach life lessons. Incorporating her personal passionate pursuits, this avid baker, creative cook, and coffee conoisseur shares her whimisical wanterings about her world. To that end, welcome to Paula’s Pericope. Enjoy!

2 responses

25 06 2011

Welcome to the blogosphere, Paula! A wonderful start. I’m sure to bookmark you! So to speak.

26 06 2011

Truely amazing cook and baker! Everything turns out devine!

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